Newsletter Ads

All members of VHMPA receive our bi-monthly newsletter via email, which includes listings of scheduled VHMPA social events, family-friendly activities throughout the neighborhood and city, and classified ads.

The following table outlines our classified advertising policy. For more information about our newsletter, Reviews section, or to submit information, please contact the Newsletter Chair.

Fees for VHMPA Newsletter Classified Ads

Ad Type


Submitting news about community fund-raisers, such as Girl Scout Cookies or Morningside Elementary School wrapping paper. No Charge, but advertisers are requested to list contact information for all VHMPA members participating in the sale.
Advertising personal possessions for sale, including a For Sale By Owner home. No Charge for Members (Non-members may not advertise in this category.)
Advertising professional sale items or services, including real estate, catalogue sales, etc. $15 for members, $50 for non-members. Membership to be verified by VHMPA Membership Chairperson before the ad appears.

Ads may appear one time in one newsletter and the same fees will apply for each subsequent ad. Advertisers are requested to limit their ads to a 50 word maximum. Any question as to appropriateness of category will be submitted to VHMPA officers.

Guidelines for VHMPA Newsletter Classified Ads

  • Membership will be verified by VHMPA before ads will appear.
  • Payment and ad must be received by Newsletter Chairperson on the first Tuesday of every odd month or as specified by the Newsletter Chairperson.
  • Ads may be placed in more than one newsletter; however, fees will be charged each time an ad is run.
  • Advertisers are asked to limit their ads to 50 words.
  • A small graphic may be included in the ad.
  • One hyperlink is acceptable.
  • All content is subject to review and approval by Newsletter Chairperson and VHMPA Board.