About Us

The VHMPA was formed in 1998 when Karen Page, a neighborhood parent, put an article in the local paper seeking like-minded parents for social networking and community building. A meeting schedule and rough outline of preliminary activities was proposed, and interest has spread primarily on a word of mouth basis since then. The VHMPA officially incorporated in March 2001. There are currently over 900 families in the VHMPA representing over 1000 children, most under the age of 5, and membership continues to grow. All activities are volunteer-initiated and volunteer-led, and decisions are made on a consensus basis at periodic open meetings. VHMPA organizes several playgroups, publishes a monthly newsletter, and operates an email network to facilitate information sharing among members. Social activities are another key function, with large fall and spring festivals, backyard happy hours in summer, and occasional organized volunteer activities.Do you live in Virginia-Highland or Morningside, and are you a parent or expecting your first child? If so, then join us!