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Mission of the VHMPA

The Virginia-Highland Morningside Parent Association (VHMPA) provides a link between the parents of these respective neighborhoods for the sharing of parental interests and concerns and to provide information, activities and support that enhance the members’ child-rearing efforts.  The VHMPA organizes playgroups, publishes a monthly newsletter and operates an email network to facilitate information sharing among members.  Social activities are numerous and include sponsorship of neighborhood festivals, races and fundraisers, backyard happy hours, and organized volunteer activities.  Currently, the VHMPA has almost 1000 members.

Do you live in Virginia-Highland or Morningside, and are you a parent or expecting your first child? If so, then join us!


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VHMPA Email Addresses

Forum: vhmpa_general@lists.bigtent.com
Classifieds: vhmpa_classifieds@lists.bigtent.com